About IOSD

IOSD Overview and Legal Status

IOSD: the International Organization for Sustainable Development began in 2004 as an international non-profit organization headed by Syed Zahid Ali. IOSD quickly secured the mandate to administer the “Euclid University Extension program” by agreement with three universities. In this context, one of IOSD’s important tasks was to develop and implement other programs related to sustainable development.

In 2008, IOSD was absorbed into EUCLID when the EUCLID intergovernmental statutes entered into force under international law, and are now registered and published in the United Nations Treaty Series with certification references 49006 and 49007.

In application of the intergovernmental agreement, IOSD became an Institute within EUCLID: IOSD is mentioned in Section I as follows:

“The signatories of the intergovernmental agreement entitled ‘Participation in the Euclid Educational Framework… Having considered the fact that the Euclid Consortium was formed in 2005/2006 by means of international agreements… and administered by the
International Organization for Sustainable Development… Having considered… [the] Memorandum of Understanding between the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the International Organization for Sustainable Development”

Section X establishes the new status of IOSD within the EUCLID legal framework:

“The following bodies or agencies are constituted and placed under the direct authority of the Secretary-General: International Organization for Sustainable Development”

Accordinly, IOSD and EUCLID share staff and offices while preserving their distinctive identify and mandates.

Our Vision

The quality of each human life is at the center of our vision.

While it is true that every human life is uniquely meaningful regardless of its economic and cultural context, there can be no doubt that education, culture, economic opportunities and access to medical care can make it longer and more fulfilling.

The IOSD vision is based on the conviction that wealthier nations have the opportunity and the duty to assist developing nations achieve rapid yet sustainable economic progress.

Because of the importance of education for economic development, the IOSD network believes that technology has made it possible to deliver best-of-breed education anywhere in the world, provided that electricity is locally available.

IOSD Programs

  • Our economic / structural support programs includes:
  • Sustainable Development Certification of Public Programs and Projects
  • Millenium Challenge technical assistance
  • E-Government / technology support
  • Electoral Observer Missions
  • Inter-Cultural and Inter-Religious Dialogue and Diplomacy
  • Government Public Relations / Country Branding

IOSD’s educational programs are managed by EUCLID since 2008. They include:

  • Specialized training for government staff
  • Specialized training for IGO staff
  • Curriculum and Courseware development
  • Technological support to public universities
  • Special needs programs*
  • Support to Cultural and Historical initiatives
  • Scholarship programs for citizens

* e.g. ICCI businesswomen, foreign ministry staff, etc.