Sustainable Development Textbooks

Because “sustainable development” has become a buzzword and all-inclusive catchphrase, IOSD is often asked to recommend suitable university-level textbooks.

At the outset, it should be said that sustainable development really means sustainable economic development. It studies how human beings can organize themselves, collectivelly and individually, to overcome the scarcity of time, resources, goods and services in a manner that is pareto optimal and which does not in any endanger the ability of future generation to enjoy the same conditions of life on the planet.

Good economics and economic development can be considered a prerequisite to understand what sustainable is all about.

The following are good choices at the ungraduate or even graduate level, depending on the academic context:

Beyond Growth: The Economics of Sustainable Development by Herman E. Daly

This book, which has become a classic, was selected for the EUCLID IOSD SD-200 course syllabus.

Other recommend titles include:

book cover

Enough Is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources

Supply Shock: Economic Growth at the Crossroads and the Steady State Solution by Brian Czech

An Introduction to Sustainable Development Paperback by Peter Rogers