Sustainable Fisheries

Author: Ralf Döring Botanical Institute University of Greifswald

Abstract: The number of discussions about sustainable fisheries is increasing world-wide. The crisis in a lot of big fisheries, e.g. cod fishery on the Grand Banks, salmon fisheries along the pacific coast of the USA and Canada, must lead to different management regimes. In the paper I describe different concepts for sustainable fisheries and economic models which deal with them. Some ideas about the development of ecosystem models or multi-species fisheries models and whether they are possible solutions are included. In the opposite there are management concepts like the safe minimum standard or the precautionary principle to create sustainable fisheries. In 1999 the European Union introduced the precautionary principle in fisheries management but it takes time to fulfil all necessary criteria. As an example for this new management regime the Baltic Sea fisheries are described and what must be done in the future to implement a precautionary principle.