Online Master in Sustainable Development

IOSD affiliated Online Master Degree in Sustainable Development

As one of the earliest international organizations dedicated to sustainable development with a focus on the economic growth of the Global South, IOSD refers interested individuals to a specialized online master’s degree in sustainable development created in cunjunction with IOSD.

Of particular interest to all parties interested in Sustainable Development are two distance / online master’s degree programs in Sustainable Development offered by EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide / Euclid University) which the umbrella intergovernmental organization for the International Organization for Sustainable Development under Section X of the intergovernmental convention registered as United Nations Treaty Series certificate 49006/49007.


Since 2005, IOSD/EUCLID offers the following programs, which have received yearly iterations and ongoing revisions to ensure that the best textbooks and multimedia resources would be included:

MBA SD: MBA in Sustainable Development (Browsable PDF brochure)
MSDD: MSc in Sustainable Development and Diplomacy

In addition, IOSD co-develops the following doctoral program:

DSDD: PhD in Sustainable Development and Diplomacy

This MBA program is designed for undergraduate students and working professionals who desire to make a contribution to the emerging field of Sustainable Development (SD). SD is a new and critical area of theoretical and practical knowledge which offers a strong career outlook within international organizations, NGOs, private foundations, governmental agencies, etc. Practically, this MBA in Sustainable Development prepares graduates to grasp the complex issues that affect economic development and where poverty, culture and economic development are all deeply interconnected. Students will be able to take advantage of the IOSD sponsorship of this program with a one year appointment as technical advisors to the Secretariat General. In order to maximize the impact of this specialization, graduates are strongly encouraged to pursue further studies at the doctoral level. Students are also encouraged to secure a local or distance internship at a suitable institution as they reach the end of their curriculum.

Video: From Economic Recovery to Sustainable Economic Development (University for Peace)

Euclid*MBA in SD Course Sequence:

In addition to the Euclid*MBA Core, this innovative program features the following courses:

  • The United Nations System (UNITAR01) (2 UCH / 3 ECTS)
  • Business Statistics (TBUS-547) (3 UCH / 4.5 ECTS) (recommended)
  • Contemporary Economic Issues (ECO-570) (2 UCH / 3 ECTS)
  • Introduction to Sustainable Development (SD-200) (4 UCH / 6 ECTS)
  • Culture and Global Change (SD-300) (2 UCH / 3 ECTS)
  • Ecological Economics (SD-440) (3 UCH / 4.5 ECTS)
  • The World Bank Group (ECO-640) (2 UCH / 3 ECTS)
  • Central and Intergovernmental Banking (FIN-780) (2 UCH / 3 ECTS)
  • Intermediate Public Economics (ECO-880) (3 UCH / 4.5 ECTS)
  • Professional Journal Reviews (ECO-890) (2 UCH / 3 ECTS)
  • Africa’s Economic Development (SD-450) (2 UCH / 3 ECTS)
  • World Economic Outlook (ECO-844) (2 UCH / 3 ECTS)

The total credit value for the concentration courses is 26 UCH / 39 ECTS.

The total credit value of this Euclid-MBA is 20 (Core) + 26 = 46 UCH / 69 ECTS.

Students may qualify for credit equivalencies based on documented courses, experience and skills.

Language Requirements: All students must be fluent in English and are encouraged to learn French, Spanish or another major world language in addition to their own native tongue.