IOSD Partners with EUCLID on EULER University initiative

The IOSD Secretary-General is pleased to announce ongoing cooperation with EUCLID as well as other private partners to support the establishment of a private, highly specialized institution of higher learning in Willemstad (Curacao, Kingdom of the Netherlands) in 2020. The former Minister of Foreign Affairs (and Finance) of Trinidad and Tobago is leading the institution […]

Sustainability and Rare Earth Elements

SUSTAINABILITY, RENEWABLE ENERGY AND RARE EARTH ELEMENTS Eric Schelter The rare earth elements are used in renewable energy applications such as wind power, hybrid- and electric vehicles. However, the current globalized supply chain of rare earths is neither environmentally nor economically sustainable. Illegal mining and smuggling of rare earths is an ongoing problem. But what […]

Chris Martenson’s Crash Course

You will learn about: # CHAPTER DURATION TRANSLATIONS — Introduction (on this page, above) 1:47 Español, Deutsch, Français 1 Three Beliefs 1:46 Español, Deutsch, Français 2 The Three “E”s 1:38 Español, Deutsch, Français 3 Exponential Growth 6:20 Español, Deutsch, Français 4 Compounding is the Problem 3:06 Español, Deutsch, Français 5 Growth vs. Prosperity 3:40 Español, Deutsch, Français 6 What is Money? 5:55 Español, Deutsch, Français 7 Money Creation 4:19 Español, Deutsch, Français […]

Review of Herman Daly’s “Beyond Growth”

Beyond Growth: The Economics of Sustainable Development (1997, Boston, MA: Beacon Press).  Written by: Herman Daly Reviewed by: Trip O’Shea, December, 2008 Source: Up until the recent global financial meltdown, the predominant mantra of sustainable development and poverty reduction from World Bank technocrats to New York Times editorial pages seemed to be that economic growth through market-based […]

IOSD and EUCLID University

EUCLID (Euclid University) is both IOSD’s parent institution (since 2008) but also, historically, its brainchild. Today and after years of hard work, Euclid University (EUCLID for short) has become a sizable and respected institution of higher learning with a very rare status as an intergovernmental organization. It all began in 2004/2005 with the launch of […]